Measuring temperature and quantity of water for dough

Hi Guys:

We have had some calls for water meters that will control the temperature and volume of water for dough mixing.

This is a common unit in bakeries but only lately have we had Pizza shops buying them.

I would like some opinions on this .

George Mills

I would use one if the price was right. I am sure it would make the process more accurate.

I would pay good money for this. It’s hard to get employees to understand that the temperature and volume of water is critical. I did some internet searches a while back for something like this but I came up empty. What are they called?

HI Vvanasten.

We call that device a water meter.

We sell a unit that thermostatically controls the water temperature and measures the amount of water for $3,500.00

There are units on the market that you have to adjust the Hot and cold water flow to get the temperature you want. It reads the temperature and meters the amount of water. Most of our clients prefer the thermostat controlled unit as workers get frustrated trying to adjust the hot and cold water flow manually.

George Mills