Measuring toppings

Came across this photo on Bing… It’s a Papa Johns Cub Sount field trip

What caught my attention was the magnetic looking boards Velcroed to the underside of the prep tables. On the left side of the picture you can see a couple labeling of Onion and Green Pepper… and underneath it looks to be how many scoops of the topping go onto the pie but it’s too faint to read.
Does anyone have more detail on this?

We’ve always gone by sight…. And the more toppings someone orders, the smaller amount of various toppings you put on so it doesn’t turn into a soggy mess.

I also like the scoopers they have. All I can find as far as measuring cups are the 4c. to 2 qt. and if you get anything smaller you have to get the “set” of 1/4c. 1/2c 1/3c and so on.

Pizza hut does the same thing, they have a set amount of sliced toppings that go on each pie depending on the toppings, and their burger and sausage are measured too, it is why they are so consistant.

I made something similiar. Just did it on a spreadsheet.

Pretty easy to do. You don’t have to do every combo of pizza cuz once you have established an amount it is pretty easy to transfer amounts. Also for the first few weeks any combonations which were off we just noted and then updated the spread sheet.

On ours the toppings are all listed on the top of a spreadsheet (using abbreviations) then down is small medium large.

There are seperate sheets for our specialty pizzas. (this helps in training too cuz then they know what is on a specialty)

As for the cups they are using if you go to the dollar store or something similiar there are all kinds of different sizes of cups. Also you will find some in the baby section of Wal Mart. Once you find a few they become pretty universal but a bit of a pain. We use a scale instead.

we are going to go that way too. the only thing is that we use fresh sausage and beef, so you kinda have to eye that out for the most part. unless any of you have any suggestions.

There was a member on here, pizzamaker, that had a few sets of these for sale on ebay. Not sure if they still post here or if they have any sets left to sell.

we bought a set and LOVE using them…took us a while to get portions right for each cup but now that we have it is awesome!

What do you have posted for multi toppings? Say you get an order for 8 veggies on a thin crust.


we have a different cup for each topping…so if a small veggie is sold it would be (numbers not accurate just examples)

black olives use blue cup…personal fill to first line small fill to second line…medium fill to fourth line large fill to top
mushrooms use yellow cup…personal fill to…same as above
green peppers yellow cup…
onions use white cup…

so all you do is break our your weight for each topping, for each size and them find a cup that fits those parameters…