Meat sauce

I want to add pasta to my delco operation and was wondering if anyone had a meat sauce recipe they could share with me?

Consider a regular marinara sauce with meatballs and/or sausage as an option. That way you can keep a vegetarian version and get a lower priced base menu item…

My marinara sauce starts with paste and water 1:3. Use garlic parsley oregano basil salt pepper and onion to your own taste.

There are also some really good bagged products available in most markets. We have a local company in KC that sells a great bagged spaghetti sauce.

Makes more sense until you get things rolling.

Check with the company you are getting your tomato products from for recipes. i.e. Stanislaus has many recipes to work with they will provide. I imagine its the same with other companies.


If you are interested in Meatballs[/url] or [url=]Sausage to put in your sauce I would love to put you in touch with a member of our team. We have a variety of each to meet your needs.

Stanislaus has al Dente! pasta sauce you could use as a starter. It is quite good. Also Land o Lakes makes a premium alfredo pasta sauce that is also very good. You could add beef, chicken or sausage to those and have a delicious sauce I would think.

I start with my stadard spaghetti sauce. I make the meat mixture of 5:4 parts browned sausage and beef. Now, adding the meat to the sauce is a matter of taste and texture desired. I grind my meat medium fine, then add to the texture I am seeking. Simmer for a few minutes, then portion in 4oz cups and freeze. To use, I thaw one portion for petite serving, add 2oz pasta sauce to the 4oz meatsauce . . . heat and serve. Large pasta gets two of these. Family meal gets almost 2 quarts of the meatsauce.

Any good pasta red sauce with good quality meat will work well. Something to consider is that ground beef is random muscle groups than can be a bit tough when browned. Allowing it to simmer in the sauce for some time can braise the meat and dissolve some of the tough connective tissues, making it tender and succulent. Serving right out of frying pan and into some sauce could be less desireable.