Meatball Management

I have a meatball sub on the menu. Currently hot held in sauce. The meat balls dry out how is everyone reheating or holding for best results. I use 2oz meatball btw

We make our own in-house with some ground beef and bulk Italian sausage along with the spices. Easy to do and taste waaaay better than those frozen pre-made ones. Once they are made and cooled to room temp, we put them in a cambro in the fridge. When someone ours a meatball sando, we cut the balls in half, brush with garlic butter and put on a half run in our conveyor oven before adding to the sando roll. Can’t stop selling them, best meatball sando in SF!

When we used to make meatballs at our previous store we used to do it almost exactly as Joe mentioned except for we wouldn’t cut the meatballs in half and we would run them through the oven with sauce. There was no way for us to hot hold things all day and to be quite honest I did not want to I can’t imagine the waste at the end of the night. But we would also do half beef half bulk Italian sausage and spices they were very tasty time consuming but worth it.

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Pretty common way of making them in-house. I tried using those frozen ones for a bit but they tasted terrible comparatively. I cut them in half so the sando only takes 3 mins total to put together. A full run is 6.5 mins and too long imo for a sando. By cutting them in half, they also don’t roll off the sando as easily and the customer can close the sando a bit more so its not as messy.

thank you all

we keep them in the fridge till ordered then throw them in a bowl with some hot pasta water and nuke them for 2 min…works out great. the last place I worked kept them in a steam table with water after a few hours they just tasted like water. unfortunately, nothing can beat a fresh cooked meatball, we try to get as close to that as possible.

we actually keep ours in a crock pot all day, every once in awhile they dry out. We make them from scratch and double boil them in the morning with our other crock pots.