I am adding meatballs to our menu and was wondering how you keep them warm and tender. I am using a warmer and I was thinking of putting a little water in the bottom to keep them steamed. I will need to invent something to raise them out of the water so they don’t disintegrate I assume. I don’t want to keep them in marinara as I would like to be able to offer BBQ, Buffalo and ??? meatballs too. Is this my best route?

Wouldn’t recommend trying to keep them warm. If you really want to, use a soup warmer and keep them in a sauce to keep them juicy/tender. Every restaurant I’ve worked at or owned has added a pre-cooked meatball to a sauce and warmed it in an oven.

I am going to have to agree with you. Keeping them warm without sauce is not going to work well. Thank you.

One place I worked kept the MB’s in the marinara-one place kept them in water submerged. When I got my own store i chose to keep them in water. They dont disentagrate and they stay moist. Dont keep to many in the water(the water will turn into kind of like beef broth) you can even add a beef boulion or chicken boulion cube for added flavor. I wouldnt recommened keeping them in marinara- they are hard to dig out of the sauce. sometimes you add more MB’s and realize you had a few stragglers left over- so you never actually know if you used them all without some time consuming effort espcially if you usr a 1oz MB.