Melts in your mouth Dough?

If someone discribes a particular pizza dough as “it melts in your mouth”, what ingredients would I concentrate on in order to acheive that in my dough?

I would say large amounts of sugar and oil, plus a relatively high hydration commensurate with the amount of oil.


Very little mixing. Use a low protein flour. Do not cook. Just spoon out.

Seriously, I think many people use the phrase when they just mean it tastes good. However, they are probably talking about a tender crust with low gluten formation and high fat content. The fat will give great mouth feel and the low gluten formation will make the crust more tender.

If you really want to know, come to Claysburg Pizza Rt 220 in Claysburg PA.
I am famous for a special dough that will almost “Melt in your mouth”.

Chocolate “melts” in my mouth. Never had a pizza do that. Could you describe the actual characteristics of your pizza that causes people to say this? Are they meaning that the crust is very tender? Or does it have a high fat content?

Well first of all it is similar to a bread dough in that it is “Fluffy”. It is hard to describe beyond that.
I use Shortning instead of oil in my recipe and the dough has a slow fermentation. I roll it and then use it 2 to 3 and a half hours later.
When you add the sauce and cheese to the dough and bake it, it makes for a “melt in your mouth” experience.
PM me if you want the specifics of the recipe for the dough.

Love the recipe. I will send what we are doing. We are going the tender route as well. People seem to really like it.

We make one that is described as eating like cotton candy. Close enough?
The only way we have ever been able to achieve this characteristic is through the use of a par-baked crust (this is a thick crust pizza buy the way). We use our generic thick crust dough formula (see the RECIPE BANK) and par-bake the crust. We allow the crust to cool, then place it back into the same size pan it was baked in with some oil, then we dress the crust to order and bake it. You will need to work out the baking times for the par-bake and final bake as this will depend upon your specific oven. For the most part, if you use an air impingement oven, you will be looking at a baking time of about 3 to 4-minutes to par-bake and about 4 to 5-minutes to finish bake the pizzas.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor


Can you tell me which specific recipe from the Recipe Bank you are referring to?



Yep, it’s titled “Deep Dish Pizza Dough”
Author: Tom Lehmann
Tom Lehmann/TDD