Membership advertising clubs. Do they really Work??**

Hi all,
I am new to the pizza industry, not open yet.I was checking out, Seems too good to be true. They all make big promises to reach your pocket anyway. It will be nice to pay some monthly fees and leave the advertisement worries for somebody who knows the business. But I would like to ask the pros.
Has any body used any of thease membership clubs?
Do they really work??
If yes,please name some good ones for me.

That’s not an advertising service, it’s just an overpriced website host.
They are promoting the idea that you can have a website that people will pay to join. Which isn’t going to work for a pizzeria. It barely works at all - how many websites do YOU pay to subscribe to?

Thanks MM.
I see that is a web service. BAD IDEA(for me anyway).
Is there any members advertisement clubs? It will be nice to have some Where we pay them certain monthly fee and they advertise for us through certain channels in a systematic way. Just like franchises do for their operators. I think its a good idea and one of the smart pros here will figure out a way to do it. Make some money for himself and save us independent operaters some money & hedache.

There is an advertising company that will do it all for you and also provide you with the same discount prices that franchises get on printing, mailing, etc. Check out pizzapartner. com The company is owned by Kamron Karrington. I’m a member and the cost of my direct mailings have been cut in half. Plus, once you become a member, you have exclusive rights to your area.

Thanks roger,
Thats what I was looking for. They do have big enrollment, startup fee. Doesn’t help me or for a fact, any beginner. :x

Roger, did your sales go up at all after membership?