Memorial Day!

I just wanted to take the time to offer my sincere thanks to all of those past, present, and future that make it possible for all of us to have the ability to go after our dreams of pizza-hell and for better or worse… it is our choice to do so in part to the sacrifices of these many. This morning… my daughter wanted to go ride her bike… and I had to explain to my almost 5 year old why the streets are all lined with flags around the neighborhood. She said she liked having all the flags out there but why did people have to die for the flags? Having been personally touched by the loss of friends and family over the years it brought me too tears to reflect on her question and think about how do I respond? I tried to explain in a way a five year old would understand and after an botched attempt… she told me! She said “daddy, sometimes you have to give something to get something else” WOW! How the world through the eyes of the innocent can be so correct at times. How her short sentence can sum up the entire explaination I was trying to convey.


Freedom is NOT free…

Nor do we live in a democracy…we live in a republic where we elect representatives to make decisions for the good of society…

It’s a shame those two facts are lost on most people…

Semper Fi!
3rd MAW, El Toro, CA

No loss here; agreed. Amazing though, how many people believe what they read or what they are told or what is seen on TV.


PD… i am flatout amazed at how many people live in a bubble and have no real clue as to the real workings of the world. I can understand some missing of political and social differences for those not first hand exposed to other cultures but the people that have ZERO clue as to the state of their own country and the real tracks that the people we elect… most the time blindly… can and have brought us down. In an age of information being shared and sent so fast and freely… why dont people open their eyes a bit more and listen a bit… I think they are afraid of reality at times and others just dont care. Either way… we as a people need to get better control of things before our few career elected ones ruin it for all! :x

This post caused me to remember the Memorial Days of my youth. The day would start at 6:00 in the morning when my father, my two older brothers and I would meet up with the Boy Scouts of Troop 481 in Delta Colorado to place flags at each business on Main Street . From there we would go to the cemetery on the hill for memorial services. My father would often be part of the VFW honor guard and my eldest brother would play Taps on the bugle. When services were done there we would go to the cemetery in the valley and repeat the service.

I have always felt it was an honor to be in uniform (Boy Scout) while remembering those who gave their lives for the freedom we enjoy.

Richard… it is the Boy Scouts that do our flags each year. We each donate to the troops and they put them out for the holidays. I too remember in my younger years the many events at the VFW that my grandparents took us too and the respect and honor that you felt just being among the people there. They knew what they had provided to the many. I feel we have lost a lot of this appreciation in modern times and it is a great loss. I am afraid that we will relive the past because we forget, ignore, or just refuse to accept the truth at times. Pizza must save us all! :!:

All we have of freedom, all we use or know - This our fathers bought for us long and long ago.

Rudyard Kipling, The Old Issue, 1899