Memorial Day

Hey everyone,

I wanted to take a poll to get a quick idea of what you guys do for Memorial Day.

Our history shows a slightly busier than normal Monday so we do normal hours. We almost closed for it this year because the wife and I have plans and we found out that over half of the staff do as well, but we were able to get a crew put together.

We are normally closed Sunday’s and Monday’s and would probably be open regular hours if we we’re not.

We close the day before open normal hours Monday.

It WAS a great sales day in all 3 of my shops - up 20% more than a normal Monday.

Wanted to revive this post. Since we are new in this business and still hanging in there, what are your plans for Memorial Day. We are planning on closing the Sunday before, but opening up for normal hours on Monday…

We are closed on Memorial day. We tried opening at regular time, opening at 4, Just did not work out. So we decided to give our employees an extra day off.

Normal hours. We do about double a regular Monday for this time of year. Sunday is also about double a typical May Sunday. We do better if the weather is lousy.

Same as Bodegahwy - normally more than double a regular Monday. And three years ago when we had bad weather we got taken to the woodshed. We were double a normal Monday by 4:00pm that year and there was no relent until we closed. That was, and still is, the most out of control day I’ve ever had in this business. It didn’t set any records as far as volume, but we were woefully unprepared.

Open normal hours. Busy Sunday night but for us Monday is slow for daytime and maybe a bit busier in evening. We’re in a college town so most of the kids taking summer classes leave for the long weekend.

regular hours! we did alright last year. the wether is supposed to be super nice here so we shall see if its still worth it.

I almost closed last Memorial Day, glad I did not. While it wasn’t an incredibly busy day, I was up about 40% over a typical Monday. Worth it in my opinion.

Open for business same as always…morning buffet will be slower but deliveries and nighttime carryouts more then make up for that. Its an above avg day for us

The Monday isn’t that hot, but Friday, Saturday and Sunday is one of the best weekends of the year.

There wasn’t an option for open regular close late, so I clicked regular business hours.

we are closing Monday to re-epoxy our floors

Regular hours, We are always closed on Mon & Tue, But, I am in a tourist area, so things differ a bit compared to normal cities.

Open regular hours at 3:30pm. Usually does better than a normal Monday. Gotta feed all those hungry people that have been out of town all weekend and don’t feel like cooking when they get home.

Rainy chilly Sunday. Started with a bit better than average day shift, but nothing crazy. Got surprise slammed at night. One of the other indies was closed for some reason… don’t know why. Dominos ran out of dough during dinner and then it really blew up. Manager called me about a half hour before our closing time to let me know we were down to six doughballs and that we done about 250% of our forecast. Were running 40-60 minute deli times but telling customers it would be an hour… otherwise smooth. Sure is nice having a veteran crew. Downside was they had to stick around and make dough pretty late for today!

Awesome! I saw your post on Facebook too. We were well above average for a Sunday in a holiday weekend, but nothing like that.

so fare it is beautiful out…and we have been dead! ugh, i could have been at a BBQ! hopefully dinner will make up for it. next year will be a late open!