Memorial Day

Who is open for Memorial Day?

We have always closed all the holidays but we are thinking of being open.

Is is worth it? How are your sales in comparison with a normal Monday?

We are close to a park so I think it will give us exposure since our place is off the beaten path, but the bad thing is everyone is going to the park to bbq.

We were thinking about going crazy and doing the $5.00 deal.
Your two cents would be appreciated!

Im glad you asked that cause I was wondering the same thing…


This will be my 20th one had one thing I learned throughout the years is that after picnicing, barbequeing and running around all day there are a lot of people who want someone else to make them something to eat at night. I usually open up around 4:30 and my sales run the same as if I was open the entire day or a little higher.

Open regular hours. 8)

Please . … good lord . . . we want to be open by then. However, we are normally closed on Mondays, so we will be closed for the holiday and bemoaning the fact that all the other small independent restaurateurs are also closed :cry:

We’ve closed in the past, but I think this year I will be open. I do believe you lose a little bit of momentum if you close for a holiday. Although customer’s might understand, they still want pizza, and they will call your competitor to get it.

I do think you have to choose a few days to close for the year. This year I’m looking to close Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, maybe New Years Eve. We normally close on July 4th too. Last year we did a company outing with a canoe trip, which was a blast for the staff. If the staff is interested, we will probably do it again – otherwise with July 4th falling right in the middle of the week, I can see it being a profitable day.