Menu Boards

Looking to get a new menu board. Any suggestions as to what company to call to get an estimate.

Have looked into a couple LCD monitors and an old computer…You can have a “dynamic” display that really reaches out and touches your clients…

Is this something that I would attempt to put together myself or have a company do it for me?

Well depending on how computer savvy you are…You need to be able to make the slides…Basically like putting together a Power Point presentation…Or ask your staff to see if you can find a kid that knows that stuff…When I do table top displays I build my slides in Illustrator and save them as jpgs…I burn them on a DVD and set it to play over and over on a TV that has a built in DVD player…If you can do it as a Power Point you can change the slides as required for daily specials, events, etc…

I am in the process of doing this myself. Do excactly what Royster said. It’s easy. I am doing mine in power point. Iam going to put our whole menu on it with pictures.

Re: Menu Boards - LCD Wifi Poster Display

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