Menu Copies with Taradel

Hey all,
I usually goto Office Max and get Letter Size, Black & White, Double Sided copies… either 1500 or 2000… at .11 cents ea.

They usualy last about 3 months.

I see the Taradel ad’s all the time and like the price at .04 cents ea. for COLOR… but the minimum is 10,000
I have no idea how long 10,000 will last me… but with the price increases in food, i’m not sure when i’ll be adjusting menu prices.

I just adjusted the prices 3 months ago… I may HAVE to do it again in 3-4 months if the food prices keep increasing.

What are your thoughts on the situation?

Thanks all!

You just need to find a way to get more menus out. I put one on every pizza box, keep some stocked at the main desk of a few local businesses, keep some at evey hotels front desk… There’s a million ways to use your menus as a marketing tool and going through 10,000 menus really isn’t all that hard.

With the full color ones only costing a hair over one third the cost of your black and white ones you really can’t go wrong with Taradel! 2,000 black and white cost you almost as much as 6,000 from Taradel, of course you will have to pay freight as well. I would just make sure that every single order that leaves your shop has a menu with it, and I bet you will see an increase in sales right there. Your shop will look so much more professional with the full color menus as well. Maybe think of doing a very minor price increase right now so hopefully your prices will be good for maybe six months or so? Good luck!

I had hesitation as well before ordering from Taradel. I wondered how long it would take to use 10,000. We got them about a month ago.

The way the menus turned out exceeded all expectations, the service was great. They totally designed ours(it cost a bit extra) but I am completely and totally satisfied.

I always liked our menus before. They worked, so what is the big deal. I can’t tell you how many customers have commented on the new ones. We put them on all the boxes, in the hotels, I mailed some. I am quickly going through them.

I am not sure if they charge a fee down the road to change prices.

I just recently decided to give them a whirl on postcards. We shall see how those turn out. But as I found before the service has been awesome.

Take the plunge. It won’t cost you that much more and you soon will be posting just as the rest of us are.

If anyone can tell me how to post the menu I will do it so you can see what we got. Give Chris a call. He is very helpful and can walk you through what to do.


I reicieved their samples a couple of weeks back, some of the designs look a bit shabby but others are great. I love the menu I have now, even though it is B&W… but think my background becomes a bit to bold when putting it into color.

Thank you for the kind words, it’s a pleasure working with you guys.

Here is my standing offer to ThinkTank members. You may choose either one of the following options when ordering menus. Pick one:

Buy 10,000 get 2,000 free
Buy 25,000 get 3,000 free
Buy 50,000 get 4,000 free
Buy 100,000 get 5,000 free

$50 off any custom design service

*This offer is good for both 8.5x11 and 11x17 sizes.
*Valid through August 31, 2008

All the best!

wow, and extra 2k menu’s on top of the 10k. i’m hooked.

just PM’ed you Chris.

Thanks all for the help!

Wait a minute. If I order 10 orders of 10,000, do I get 20,000 free?

If you place 10 seperate orders for 10,000 menus, yes, I will be happy to give you the deal. If you order all 10 menus at once I’ll give you the 100,000 shipping rate too - will save you hundreds by doing so. Thanks dewar

Well just got the final proof on the postcards. They are great, can’t wait to see them in real life.

Finally, a company who knows what they are doing. Good job Taradel.


chris instead of the extra 2000 can I get a free fold?

$395 X 10 (100K +20K free) vs. $2200 (100K + 5K)
I think going with the latter is the better deal. 8)

Did not see the prices associated with them but knew there would be a volume discount. I was just trying to be a funny guy.

Redbarn - pleaae check your PMs, thanks. :smiley: