Menu development software

I have a small shop and would like a software program that could create professional looking menus. I want the flexibility to change the menu “in house” and then go to Staples to print and laminate. I know by talking to printers with expirence in menu development that a well laid out menu can increase sales. Can any of you help out? Steve

I would just use Photoshop, spending a little time with that can help you in a lot of other areas like creating box toppers, fliers, door hangers, etc.

Hi Steve, please call or email me and I will do whatever possible to help you out with great menus. Your menu can literally change your life and the direction of your pizza shop so it is very important to do correctly! If nothing else, I can at least point you in the right direction and provide you with samples. Thanks!

I got menus from Taradel 6 months ago, and i’m very pleased with the results. My sales jumped 20% very quickly.

Highly recommend!

Rob can you provide some context to your comments please…What did you switch from?..Was the amount menus distributed increased?..Were the offers on the new menus different than on the old menus?..

Hey Royce,

I never really did any kind of marketing before this year, and i started in january. I got 12000 menus from Taradel, and only mailing my database. I hit my database 3 times over a 6 month period, mailing around 500 menus each week. I used the same coupons/offers from my advertising in the local paper.

Since Jan 1st, sales have jumped 20% and that is only marketing to my existing customers. I’m going to try mailing to carrier routes the next time around to go after new customers.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Adobe Illustrator is a layout program for documents and things such as menus, magazines, etc. Quark too. You should be able to get a free copy of an older version of Illustrator somewhere online. I use Illustrator for my text layout and photo importing and I use Photoshop for photo manipulation. a Menu created in photoshop is not rendered text, but instead an image of text… so its not going to look as good. I say Illustrator for menu creation but just about any program will work. Heck, I’ve made nice clean menus in MS Word. It’s all about a clean crisp font, easy to read layout, simple clear descriptions and thats about it :slight_smile: