Menu items recommendations

We do have pizza ,pasta ,wings, chicken parma, pork ribs,
What else could be in the new menu.

salads are our number 4 seller behind pizza, wings and beer

Salads and sandwiches do pretty well. (Hot ham/cheese, cold turkey, etc)

I am not sure about sandwiches as we are only open in evenings
But could try some salad which can go in take away.
We try sald once before but could not sell much

Hey, my name is Andi I’ve been lurking in here or awhile now I just Decided to make an account thank you guys for everything has been a big far as new items I think wraps,salads,burgers, are good sellers for me But the profit margin is not high.

What salads could be offered in pizza shop

I knew greek salad are in the menu in other pizza shops
But to attract customers need new things to be added in menu

Sell desserts

•Cannoli(plain, chocolate chips, pistachio)
•cakes (chocolate, tiramisu, lemoncello)
•cookies(chocolate chip, salted caramel, oatmeal raisin)

Yes i am thinking to buy a little display fridge to put these in