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Is this a good time of the year to do full color menu mailers? :?

Hi Toni,
Can you share a bit more about your business? What type of pizza shop, your location, etc.?

If you do not mail menus now what are the other ways are you considering to market your business?

As a general statement, I would say that except for a few weeks out of the year (week of Christmas) being one that menus are one of the most effective marketing tools out there. However, not having a full understanding of what type of marketing you have done in the past, it is difficult to give you a more definitive.

Did you also check out this month’s issue of PMQ magazine, they have an article about direct mail that you might find informative.

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You left the K off your web addeess


Generally speaking, you’ll want to avoid delivery between the 21st and 26th. Aside from those dates, you should be in great shape to deliver offers to local prospects.

During this busy time of year, services that provide convenience are at a premium. People are busy with families, friends, and work events - leaving little time for grocery shopping and cooking. Additionally, you may find that catering, football party, and high volume order opportunities present themselves.

I work with more than one thousands pizzerias, focusing primarily on direct response campaigns, and a significant percentage of clients actually INCREASE their mail volume during this time period.

All the best,

Chris Barr

Many of your competitors will think the time just after New Years is a bad time to market…So when you market at this time you can make an impact when they are “sleeping”…