Menu Printing

Can anyone recommend a good menu printing company?

Looking for 4 color 8.5 x 11 with design help. A big plus would be free menu item and price updates.
Looking to get 10,000 plus some laminated dine in menus in a bigger size.

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Freight is a consideration so answers will vary depending on your location…

Have you tested the pull of an 11 x 17 versus an 8 1/1 x 11?..Sometimes the greater response to the larger size is enough to pay the higher cost…

For Europe try German outfit.

Very reasonable pricing, good quality, but don’t go cheap on the design, use a pro. But get it set up so that you can easily edit the prices your self, so you don’t need to pay a designers fee every time you want to change a price


Kris, weren’t you always using Taradel? my recent experience with them has me looking also :frowning:

Hi Everyone,
Josh from the Mail Shark here. I would appreciate the opportunity to give anyone interested a no nonsense quote on any of our products including menus, flyers, postcards, magnets, scratch off postcards, etc. Print Jobs and or Direct Mail. Feel free to contact anytime. Thanks

Josh Davis
Vice President of Sales
Direct: 484-948-1611
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Good morning,

It looks as though there have been a couple of miscommunications as of late regarding menu orders. As always, we are here to help 24/7 and always do our best to provide immediate assistance.

Kris - it was great speaking with you the other day. I’m glad we were able to catch up and provide assistance to your complete satisfaction.

RobT - Please contact me directly at 1-800-481-1656 x22 for immediate assistance (or let me know a good time to call you). We’ll do whatever it takes to resolve your issue today.

Just a quick heads up…
Taradel is now the #1 provider of turnkey EDDM services in the country, mailing millions and millions of pieces. Surely, this rapid growth has caused a few customer service hiccups, and we are doing everything possible to address these items immediately. The good news, we have hired new personnel (woohoo!) who are quickly getting up to speed, and this will enable us to provide you with world-class service moving forward.

All the best in 2012,

Chris Barr
Taradel LLC
800.481.1656 x22

Rob…yes I do always use Taradel.

But it never hurts to check around…what I found…as usual…Taradel was the way to go.

Chris and I talked Friday and my updated menus are in the works.

Still not sure how I am going to go with dine in menus…right now I do them and we put them in menu covers. I think I am gonna give a stab at coming up with some fresh ones and have them laminated.

Rob I would call Chris directly …as that is who we have all probably dealt with in the past. He was very helpful when we spoke Friday.