Menu Problem

Oops, just recieved my menus and spotted that one of my meal deals has the wrong price (oh my god)! Its my fault as I proof read the menu before it was printed - its just so obvious that my brain can’t have picked it up.

The deal is large pizza, 3 sides and a large soda - normally $16.99 (food cost c.35%) and its gone out this time for $9.99 (food cost c.65%).

The menu has the usual clause of subject to availability and prices subject to change without notice.

Theres over 50,000 menus printed for 9 weeks distribution and most have gone to the distributor.

I don’t think it would be wise to do it 9.99 so I think I’ll just have to say - sorry it was a printing error, we’ve offered it for the 2 years we’ve been open at 16.99 so people will be able to see, but I’m sure I’ll get people complaining

Any one been in a similar position - Any advice on what position I should take?

If you distribute these, honor the price(hopefully it is in coupon form, so you’ll only have to honor it once per customer.) If you’re going to tell people you won’t honor it, you’ll end up pissing customers off and sending them to your competition. Why spend money to lose customers. On the other hand, you can throw these 50,000 menus out and reprint. Yes its alot of money to be throwing away, but you’ll make that up pretty quick collecting the $16.99 on each special instead of $9.99.

i agree,
its like the easter bunny not being real,
you are going to let people down.people do not like being let down.
sorry easter bunny…

Ouch that hurts, but I agree you will be pissing people off if you do not honor…I would toss them though

Maybe change the distribution to target NEW customers more than usual, and take the $9.99 sales as a “loss leader” that at least gets some fresh people in the door.
Either way - I’d honor it. You’re likely to get some people who otherwise wouldn’t buy - and upsell some of them…

accept the error and honour the menu. You still be making a profit, but i think it is a win/win situation.

Increase sales, more new customers and hopefully repeat customers.

Plus the customers will be happy with a good deal, great pizza, good service.

Not much room to upsell when the offer includes pizza, 3 sides, and soda. The more I think about it, the more I’m convinced he needs to pitch these and print new ones. The extra revenue will cover the cost. Plus, if this special was a 30% food cost at $16.99 it will be over 51% at $9.99. Doesn’t leave much room for labor, fixed costs and profit. Plus after paying $9.99 for this special, you’ll have a hard time getting people to pay $16.99 in the future.

yep the food cost was 65% on 9.99 - not really gonna do much other than rid me of any profit for a few months.

Think the best option is to start again - a painful error!!