menu question

We started making pizza with fresh spinach and it is going pretty good the problem is I have to order the spinach by the case and we definately don’t sell that much…

Any ideas on other specific products we could make using spinach? Maybe salad or pasta heck even a sub. Anything?!

a spinach salad is good,i sell quite a few,using bacon bits,vinegar,sugar,and the drippings from the bacon,celery roots,and a couple of peperoni slices

Another good plan is to create a ‘specialty’ or ‘signature’ pie using the spinach. We have a white pizza that we upsell the spinach onto. Garlic butter sauce, Feta, garlic, roasted garlic and spinach . . . .maybe some sliced tomato. Chicken makes it a high dollar pie. the key for us is suggestive selling when a customer is tentative or is asking about something ‘different’. We offer to sned a free pie next time if they are not pleased with our recommendation. Never had to pay off on that offer to date.

Calzones and stromboli are other options to get the spinach sold. We have thought about adding a salad that uses spinach leaves with the romaine/iceberg mix we use. It is a great garnich for pasta dishes as well, BTW. Spinach lasagna is another item soon to arrive on our menu. We make our own, so 4 cheese, meat and spinach versions will be available. Simple as anything, and a decent margin bundled with bread and salad for a meal.

We can get the spinach for 3.89 for a 2.5# bag . . . they will break the case for me. So, my cost is .10 per ounce. For me, it is a no brainer to have on hand because two large pizza topping pays for the whole bag. Bag will stay good for me for 2+ weeks. When we get people thinking about it again, we’ll sell 3 or 4 pizzas a week with spinach on them. It is worth it to me that the small investment is an even break, and it keeps those customers satisfied with the rest of the menu.

go to the local grocery store or produce market and buy what you need. It’s what I did at Pizza Hut, my purveyor didn’t sell green peppers in anything other than huge cases, so I just went to the local store and bought a few at a time.

Costco, Sam’s Club & Smart & Final carry it. Pretty sure most grocery stores do as well.

I buy it by the case but offer it as a topping on eggplant parm subs and I also have a “california” calzone on the menu that has spinach, brocolli, mozzarella, ricotta, oregano and fresh garlic. It seems giving it a name makes it more desirable. I also include it on my veggie pizzas.

Hello guest,take whats left over and throw in food processer w/ fresh garlic,pinenuts,some grted.parm chse. and olive oil.This will give you a spinach pesto that stays pretty well in fridge and can be used as a spinach pesto bread sticks @ 4.95.No more loss only a gain!
Niccademo [keep your dough off da cieling]

Absolutely missed that opportunity! Thanks for turning that light on for me. I have some that is beginning to soften a bit, and I have pine nuts in the fridge!