Menu Testing

I’m in the process of opening a first time place and was wondering how you test products,pizzas and pratice dough making if your still in the beginning stages?

You mean working without the kitchen you’re going to build?
If so - that is tricky.

I scaled my sauce and dough recipes down and made batches at home as small as I could. Then made pizza for the family. We’d eat pizza til exploding, and still I’d chuck gallons of sauce, etc.

Some of this was with products SAMPLED from food vendors (different brands of cheese, etc).

To cook, I used a VERY thick stone in a home oven that I preheated for HOURS, to simulate cooking in a deck. Not the same, of course, but I CAN make a VERY GOOD pizza at home this way.

You still need to plan to do final recipe testing and finalize things after your kitchen is built - this can probably be combined with training key staff (on the processes that you already know are final).

Hope that helps a little…

There is absolutely no substitute for networking and associating with other quality professionals in your area. If you are lucky, you can get some generosity from a local indy pizza guy (one on the 'Tank?) who would let you use his kitchen for a few hours (with supervision) to test out your stuff. Not all are inclined to do that, and it is a hard thing to ask someone.

Maybe you could arrange to barter some labor to someone or ‘rent’ time to test your stuff. It won’t be exactly the same, and will require more live testing in the real kitchen . . . but it is a start.

You can rent a kitchen. There are many places that do.

Also, I don’t know your area, but our gas company has a huge kitchen facility where you can go and test out your products and “gas” equipment for free.

You can get a head start on your sauce recipes by calling the manufacturers of the tomato products you are using for their recipes or advice.

I tested all my stuff at my food vendors. They have a huge test kitchen. Maybe ask your potential vendor.