MenuDrive Online Ordering

Is anyone using MenuDrive as your online ordering? Have used this company for a couple years which was easy to get ahold of and could normally fix a problem while on the phone. I believe they were purchased bu Lavu and now all the people that we talked to are gone and everything goes directly to India. I have spent countless hours on the phone with these people and absolutely no clue whats going on. Three problems and nothing fixed.

We started using MD in October 2019. We just canceled our olo agreement. The company was bought out months ago. Everything has gone to hell. Site crashes constantly, customers cards can’t be processed just to name a few.

Do yourself a favor. DO NOT USE MENUDRIVE.

This is BS. It was a fantastic program that got us 98% away from GH to save drastically. They could fix or add anything while on the phone in minutes. Now, right to India, worthless. Yesterday called to get them to add No-Contact delivery for a choose. You think he could do that, hell no. Idiots.

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