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Inside my “pizza today” mag. there was a center pull out for “” I was thinking about ordering from them, but every time I put in their web address I keep getting directed towards “”. and do not see any prices that match what was on the flyer I have, has anyone else noticed this. I was looking at their price on 5,000 menus for $220.

I saw the same add it was for.

“$220 for 5,000 Menus/Box Toppers 8.5” x5.5" Glossy 100LB Text Paper Full Color Both Sides." Not sure if it includes design.

My first thought is that if you are looking to use this product as a menu you have to have a very small menu. 8.5x5.5 is a half sheet of copy paper. I only have a very small handful of customers that could fit their menu on a piece this size.

If you want a competitive quote on the same product feel free to drop me a line. I have a product that is a similar size and is less than $220 for 5,000.

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Yeah I noticed the size afterwards. No my menus are standard 8.5x11. We usually print our own, BUT getting ready to purchase another pizza shop and will have the extra cash flow to get some nicer menus done.

When Im to busy to print our own I just go to office depot and get about a 100 at a time its under $20, standard paper balck & white front/back

You always get what you pay for :wink:

“You always get what you pay for”

I would rephrase: “You never get MORE than you pay for” lol

Or: There is no such thing as a free lunch…

Or: “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

We used a 8.5 X 11 for a couple of years, first B/W then two color and then went to 9 X 16, two sided, quad folded color. The extra space allows us to have more named combos with descriptions, include all the variations on sauces, wings, salads etc and a much less crowded easy-to-read presentation.

Customers are remarkably uncreative about pizzas and giving them an attractive suggestion works. Named combos are all 4 or more toppings so having them results in higher ave tickets.

Printing cost is around $1700 for 10,000 and worth every penny.
Color Box toppers are the same size as the quoted 5.5 X 8.5 one sided. We print 40,000 at a time and they come in around 2.5 cents each.

We have used Taradel for the past 10+ years. They designed the menu (which is awesome) and at that time had free updates for life. (I think now it might be a few bucks extra)
Anyway, nothing but good things to say about them. Chris is a regular poster around here and if you call they are usually good about sending you to him but any of them are helpful.