Well its time to get my menus printed…here is my problem. I have no idea about printing and menus at all. I have just come back from a local printer and realized I had no idea what to say to him about what I wanted. Finally, after he expertley told me the things he would need to know to give me a quote we came to an understanding. Now what I want to ask of you, is this…I am opening a high end gourmet pizza place. I will need glossy menus of a higher quality to show this. What do I ask for? How many colors do I say I need? What should I expect in the way of pricing etc? Can anyone help me, and fill in the questions I dont even know I need to ask?

Thanx all!!

If you want pictures and such, you’ll ask for four color process printing which is full color printing. For some ideas check out or cfm concepts both out of Canada. I’ve never used either one, but you can get some great ideas from them.

Oh my goodness!! I could kiss you!! That is EXACTLY what I have been looking for oh thank you thank you thank you!!