I am looking for a company that designs/prints menus for dine in. I need to get new menus for my new dining room, and I don’t really want to use the same ones that are for takeout. Any suggestions? does both takeout and dine in menus

I’v ordered from mypizzapromo and the other one… I don’t even remember their name but they do similiar work. The minimums were pretty high for me, so a majority of my menus ended up in the trash… I didn’t have enough time to distribute them before our monthly price increase :)… People seem to get really mad here when they have a to-go menu with a certain price and they get charged a more expensive price. So by the time I actually got my menus and handed out a couple thousand or so, my food supply prices skysocketed and I had to change prices. So sad… I’v probably thrown away about $10,000 in menus & postcards in the past 5 years…

So that is definately something to think about… If your order a mass quantity, try to predict some price increases and adjust your prices accordingly before printing and also distribute them ASAP when you get them or you’ll end up like us.

Also its been a real long time since I’v ordered, so they may have decreased their minimum (for take-out menus).

Oh, we also had a problem with a chain down the street from us, ordering menus from them as well with the same graphics that we used on our menus… It was pretty ridiculous. We were told it came from a different company and they weren’t at fault.

But all in all the menu looked great… Just those are things to think about before ordering :slight_smile:

talked to them today and minuim is 25,000
I am gonna try taradel next

I’ve been printing my menus with Taradel for the last 9 months and like their product.
They have the 10,000 menus for $395, but I always end up paying close to $700, because their shipping costs $136 to my zip code in VA Beach, which I think some of that might be a hidden fee. Also, try to upgrade to the #80 gloss, because the quality is much better. Finally, do the bleeding to maximize space usage and have better end product.
In addition to the above, your initial design will cost $150 approximately.
Overall, they are very nice and they do a good job. Get your order by Thursday afternoon and you’ll receive it by Wednesday.