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Anyone ever deal with Merchant One for credit card processing? I have had Heartland for 4 years and have never had a problem until recently. My sales representative retired in December and apparently what I all found out today they don’t give you a new one bc the retiree continues to make money off of you. So, my sales rep retires my contract runs out they had me at a .6 and put me at a 1.11. On top of all of that I also have the whole $125 compliance fee that I paid for 5 months bc I don’t have a sales rep to help me out with. I finally get assigned an account manager who is basically a stand in sales rep bc I don’t get a new one of those and he pretty much tells me I had a target on me bc I am out of contract…well holy shit I didn’t even know I was and how am I suppose to know I am. I am just very upset now and am shopping around.

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Go to Walmart, buy the $40 Square package. Accepts pretty much any type of payment. Easy set up. No Rep needed. Their rate went down to 2.6% +$0.10 per tap/dip/swipe. Deposits are always next business day and they take the fees out before deposit so you don’t even notice they’re gone. Plus there’s never fees for anything else. I’ve used them for 4 years after using a similar company. I use them in my pizzeria and food truck. There’s a reason why they’re so popular.

How do you take payment when someone comes into the pizzeria? Do they have a counter top device for them to swipe or chip? What about delivery?

I think you use an ipad

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I plug the mag stripe reader into my cell, I don’t deliver but I know other pizzerias that use square specifically for that. It’s what I use on my truck and at the pizzeria. The chip reader/touchless box just sits on the counter plugged in so customers can pay themselves. It’s safe. Then you can text or email the receipt or just print one on your register. Most debit cards have the customers cell numbers attached on the accounts so it’ll show you the last 4digits and gives you an option to just text it if they choose. Also, they offer loans that you can pay back through a % of your card sales, nice if you need extra cash to buy something for the business.
Also, you can turn off the signature unless the sale is over $25 so you don’t have to let every person touch your phone/iPad.

Hi Jen,

I don’t sell merchant processing ( credit card processing) services but I do know a lot about it.

IMHO, Heartland is not the company it was years ago. For a company that preached against Junk Fees for years, they have become “King” of the junk fees like the $125 non-compliance fee they are assessing you. This is all to pay for their merger with Global Payments. In general, I find their technology to be “dated” and their pricing to be significantly above the market. Their customer service is OK but it used to be among the best in the business.

That all said, you still might want to stick with Heartland. If you do, here are my suggestions to you:

  1. Become PCI Compliant as soon as possible - Fill out the PCI questionnaire. I believe Control scan is Heartland’s PCI provider. They will help you fill it out.
  2. If you are at .6 markup that’s a lot but really comes down to your volume- try to negotiate it down
  3. If you resign with Heartland, sign for a 1-year contract. If they ask for 3 years tell them to waive the early termination fee.
  4. Make sure there isn’t a auto-renewal clause in your contract

Also - Merchant One has a so-so reputation

If you have any questions shoot me a message.
Good luck