Mercury Payment systems for Credit cards

Anyone use these folks…It is availalble through my POS system…

how are their fees???


I’ve used them for over a year now and have not had any trouble. I had a competitive quote from another dealer that they matched in order for me to go with them. I pay anywhere from 1.32 to 1.84 + .17 per transaction.

I don’t know how that compares to others, but I haven’t had any problems with them and haven’t had any reason to switch.

thanks MAndino

I think you can get that .17 down to .10 Bbut the percentages are very good…


I recently started using them in conjunction with the ER-390 Sam4s machine which seems popular around Phoenix, AZ
my dealer for the machine packaged the service with Mercury…
my cost are around the same, .15 per transaction and average 1.75%

before signing contract, there were some significant costs in the fine print, they canceled them as soon as I asked about them, so I advise to go through that routine, perhaps with all the processors before agreeing and contracting,
hope that helps,

I’d be glad to give you a quote or side by side comparison.
The rates sound competitive but I believe we can do a little better.

the issue is mercury payments fits within many pos systems internal credit card processy…

maybe you can too…I don;t know much about that



RBS Lynk is Certified on Numerous “Credit Card Modules” and not necessarily the Software.

For example Prism uses PCCharge as the Module, VitalLink uses DataCap as the module. When it comes to software it is the Module that matters.

You are correct about Mercury though. They are very aggressive at creating “Partnerships” with software vendors, as are we, as the result of those partnerships are residual incomes to the “partner”.

How does this affect you? In order to make the partnership attractive to the Partner the processor has to keep the Profit Margin fairly high to help pay for the residuals. High Profit Margin = Higher Fees for you, the Merchant.

Now you may ask-How is RBS Lynk different? The main difference is we are the people that handle your money from authorization to settlement. Less fingers in the “Pie” means we don’t have to pay others for their service. Less fingers = Better Rates for you while keeping our profits at a respectable level.

Yes I have enough fingers in my pie…so are you saying your system will work with my module??


I wouldn’t know until I knew what the Module is? It is a possibility.

Yes it is I will find out…

my current fees are MC and VISA .06 per TXN + 2.0%

AMEX Discover .10 TX + ?? yearly credit volume 300K avg order


Not that I don’t trust your numbers but I would need some verifiable proof (aka statemant) to give you an estimate. I am bound by company policy to verify before I can quote a price.

I will say that with past experience I have been able to offer Cost Plus 8 cents to a majority of the Pizza Places I do business with.

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