Merry Christmas

Just wanted to say Merry Christmas to all my freinds on this board! Didn’t see a thread appropriate to post this in so here it is. I hope you all have a joyous, healthy and profitable holiday season!

Merry Christmas everyone. I learn so much every day by reading the boards! Here is to 2008 being our best year yet.

greetings from AZ,
I appreciate all the information on this board,

take care, make good pizza, and stay in touch,


Merry Christmas !

Here’s to a great 2008 for everyone !

Soooo… what’d everyone get for christmas ??

A brand new funeral :shock: See? I even have a screwed up sense of humor about that, too.

What I really got was a huge outpouring of love and support from people here and in my local town/market. It’s amazing the responses I got from some of my customer-friends. I will next buy myself a new freezer (reach-in) to replace the one that seized up the weekend before Christmas.

No other goodies to date, but I’ll let you know if anything good comes in.

In the last two weeks, my wife lost her aunt, her half-sister lost her father (on Christmas day), and both had to move their mother into an Alzheimer’s care facility. Tis the season.

Three days off to sleep in and then spend time with my family.

3 days off? In a row? That sounds nice.

I got time with the family, to sleep in until 7:30, and a new Breedlove acoustic guitar.

Hope everyone had a great christmas. Here to a happy new year!!!

2 days off (well actually I went in on Boxing Day - 26th - to make up sour dough mix in the morning and two batches odf dough at night), a record December high temperature reading at 44.2o Celsius, three days of feeling like sh1t after the pharmacist dispensed the wrong dosage of blood pressure tablets which gave me massive head spins, nausea etc.

On the good side some great time with family, icy cold beers. lots of swims in the pool and a webcam for my computer.