Message On Hold, Do They Work?

I was thinking of hooking up with Message on Hold: messageonholdservicedotcom

And wanted to find out if anyone else is using them or has ever used them? If Yes, how has this service improved your sales/customer service?



Davido’s Pizza

I can’t comment on the vendor but I can honestly say messages on hold DO work. This comes from 22 years as a telecom consultant and 9 months as a pizza owner.

We’re too small to consider the cost of paying for on hold so I bought a $20 microphone for my computer. Most computers come with a recording program (I did a program search on “audio recording”). I record them myself- change as much as I want and it only costs the amount of the CD/DVD. We use a regular CD player on the phone system.

On busy nights when we’re forced to put calls on hold, dead air will result in a hang-up in about 15 seconds, music might last 30 seconds to a minute, but the informational/entertainment recording usually lasts up 3-5 minutes.

How do you get the message to play on the phone call ?

Seems the owner of the last contest used that exact company from what I remember. Might be a tell-tale sign :wink:

Your phone system should have a port on it that connects a wire - looks just like a headphone jack (ours cost $60 for the wire). You plug the “headset jack” into the CD player and turn the player on - we use 3 recorded messages set on a constant loop. Since it’s wired into the phone system, when you put a call on hold, that’s automatically what you hear. If for some reason, you don’t want to play the CD, you can switch to music (unless you are sensitive about the FCC regulations about “rebroadcasting”)