Method of attaching Customer info to Box

What type of system do you use to attach the needed info to the box?

We use 3 inch 2 ply paper roll printed with an epson impact kitchen printer. ( U220B) We use this printer for carryout and delivery tickets. Also for the credit card slips. This gives us 2 copies. One for the box and one for the driver to refer to when needed.

For our kitchen printer we use a thermal printer.

The reason for asking is that we blow thru these impact kitchen printers rather quickly and they run us a good $350. The thermal printers are less money, cost less to run and last 5 times longer.

Does anyone use thermal printers for delivery tickets and credit card slips? Without the heat of the pizza turning the paper black. What is your system?


We use a Dymo Label Printer that integrates in our POS

Very rarely does the receipt paper turn black, if it’s sitting on the oven and rolling forward toward your boxing table then the heat may get it, I’ve only had a few instances where you couldn’t make out what the ticket said very easily

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We use thermal for the reasons you have stated$$$ the only time the paper turns black is when it leans over the oven where the pizzas are coming out and the heat is hitting it but that doesn’t really happen to often and it’s easy to just reprint if you need to.

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Pizza pirates. We use your method.

Knock knock, my printers don’t go as often as yours.

I was thinking of using a label printer one day , but sometimes I need to fumble the boxes to route deliveries better if things are close together. I can’t remember exactly how much the labels were but I think they were very expensive.

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We don’t use labels on the pizza boxes the drivers mark them with a sharpie. I feel like labels would slow things down and cause confusion. Drivers check their boxes we they grab their delivery orders and mark with sharpie when they bag them with the ticket #

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We use labels for the Wings and the Salads. There is a label printer at that make station. It helps keep from getting these items mixed up at dispatch. We don’t use them for pizzas because we can’t even manage the tickets printing out ( 1 per order ) Let alone a label printing out for every single pizza.

For the thermal credit card slips, do you print 2 copies or just 1?

We use a sharpie with the last two digits of the order number on all bags and boxes. It’s easier and cheaper that way and it works well for our drivers. Names are written in place of the order number on pick up customers.

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We use thermal for our orders / delivery receipts. The only thing we now use impact for is tickets that we staple to salads and ice cream bags to go. Like stated above, thermal is much cheaper to run, prints faster, etc. We don’t have a problem with them getting black. If they do we reprint. Yes, we have 2 slips print for the credit cards. The 1st slip is the itemized receipt with the whole order info - this slip goes to the customer. The 2nd slip is just a short one that has the basic info and the lines to sign on. This is our copy.

We use 2 our cc machine prints merchant then it has the option to print customer copy we print both in case customer wants their copy

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I can’t imagine not using labels. Makes keeping all of the items for an order together so much easier. AS far as thermal credit card receipts, unless we put an order on top of the oven, they don’t turn black.

We put our orders on top of the oven they don’t turn black it’s rare

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Having people write on boxes? Talk about slowing things down! Not to mention the possibility of mistakes…

Our first label blaster lasted 15 years. It actually still works and we have it in storage as a backup but it finally got so gummed up that it would stick and jam up the labels a couple of times a week.

We use a thermal printer for run slips and receipts. No problem with turning black since it is not printed until the driver checks out the order. It does not sit under the warmer.

We use your same method also except when we assign a delivery to a driver it generates a thermal receipt (1 copy) and if it is CC payment it will generate a voucher to sign in case our deliveryIQ app does not work (bad area for cell coverage). I purchased label printers years ago but found it too much work to throw a sticker on every box. We have the same printers and they seem to last a pretty long time.