MGMT Consultant

I am looking for someoneto help make us more profitable.Does anyone have any suggestions on who would give me the best bang for the buck.

We have 2 stores about 10 minutes apart. One does about 10k a week.Mostly lunch business and a lot of parties on the weekend.
the other does 6 to 8k a week.A much smaller store which does mostly delivery some take out and delivery.
Like everyone else our margins have shrunk but I can’t get my partners to make the changes that we need to make.Been in business 8 years
I need a non biased 3rd party.

Can I ask… how the partnership works? Who is handson and working the hours… or silent partners? What changes are you wanting to do? Why the lack of interest from the others? If you would…fill in some info and you will probably get some good and free advice. Feel free to PM me if you prefer to keep this more on the quiet side.

Can you be more specific about your goals? Do you need to focus on marketing, menu, or operations? Do you have a budget?

What changes do you think need to be made?..

How does your food cost look compared to your ideal target?..Especially your cheese costs…

Do you have processes in place to monitor and control “shrinkage”?..

What % of your sales do your premises costs work out to?..Are they in the normal range?

Our food cost is right around 36%.But we should be around 30% or less.
50% of our sales are calzones which we only use 4oz’s of cheese.Were at .30cents over block on our cheese cost.
We have establshed our selves as a heavy topping store. Not counting cheese we have our 2 biggest sellers that we use over a lb of toppings. All meat 20 oz our supreme is closer to 28.

I want to cut 4 oz’s from each one which I do not think will be noticed.
I also want to add a few items that require less toppings and start pushing them.

I was the day to day operations person till last year when I moved out of state.
My brother in law is now suppose to be taking care of getting our food cost under control but he has only stopped a lot of our free advertising with some of the schools. Free money wise we normally would make some free pizza donations for special events ,only a few pies at a time and we would give out certificates for raffles.

my goal is to reduce food cost
revamp the menu
possibly do something like repeat returns
or just put something like that in.

Our main store that does 10k a week is 11,000 sq feet.2400 of it restaurant the rest a bouncy area and dodge ball/play area. we own this or the bank does,rent is only $2500.
This store is by the chemical plants.It does a big Lunch business,some night business and 15 to20 kids parties each weekend during the school year.No salad bar

The other store is located 10 minutes away in our downtown area, closer to the house’s. 2400 sq ft 3k in rent which is low for the area. Landlord spent 150k for us to move in 3 years ago. 6 to 8k sales per week.
Lunch is not good but should be. Were close to the hospital and all the shopping and lot’s of Doctor office’s.We do mostly delivery with 25% take out and 25% dine in.Small salad bar and lunch buffet.