Mgmt Duties Contract???

OK so I am really trying to let go of alot of the daily responsibilities to a Manager type person and going to pay them accordingly but I need something to hold her feet to the fire and keep her accountable

anyone have something I can use with a list


my email is

When ever i write duties for a job, i just grab a notebook and pen. And then do the job. At each step i stop and write down what i did, any notes to go along with it. Then once i finish i compile the notes, and generalize it down to a simple list. I keep the detailed stuff in case they want a more detailed explanation of each step.

Has worked out well in the past for me. Specially training new managers. Step them thru the process, then watch them do it once. And after they are done help them figure out what the missed. I have also done the write up while watching them, it has helped some in the past.

Everyone is different, so you need to find what works best for them. And do that.