Mgr ad ?????

hey guys never really put a want ad in for a mgr nay suggestions on wording

thanks dennis

Fat Boy,

One thing I’ve always found is if I put out an ad for a manager, I get a good assistant. If I put out an ad for an assistant manager, I get a good shift runner/driver. You never seem to get exactly what level you seek. Maybe put out an ad for an area manager? You might then get good qualified manager candidates.


I would rather hire assistant managers anyway. I can cover the food ordering and scheduling for a month or two while I get a new assistant settled.

I agree with j_r0kk. Ads are hit or miss.
The best response I ever got from an ad for managers is when I advertised for managers & area supervisors. I think part of it is that they see an opportunity for advancement.
One piece of advice that I would give you in your ad is to specify the type of person you are looking for and the type of experience they must have. Pre-screen on the phone to prevent wasting your time on clearly under-qualified candidates. If they are not personable on the phone when trying to land a job, then that’s a clear sign of what you can expect. I always specify the need for energy, and rarely hire anyone who doesn’t have pizza experience. It’s been my experience that those that come from different types of restaurant backgrounds rarely understand the type of manager you have to be to run a pizzeria.
If you are hiring from the outside, you obviously don’t have anyone within your organization that’s ready.

I’ll leave you with this one figure though…I calculated recently that less than 15% of the managers that I have had over the last 5 years were hired from the outside. You’re always better hiring for your lower management and promoting from within.