Michigan Minimum Wage

If you are not aware in Michigan

I’ve been at $13+ for a while.

That’s insane. $7.25 in pa is fine right where it is

Its $7.25 in NH but that number is useless id say minimum wage in real life here is about $15. No one will entertain anything less. Once you add nights and weekends you can bump it up to $19.

Wow 7.25 are you actually talking state minimum, because i know federal minimum was that. Also be aware of your tip wage employees in MI as the tipped wage credit is being eliminated as well so your tipped employees are going up almort 200%

We were never able to use the tip credit for drivers in my state (they are not considered tipped employees) so we have been in this situation for years. So $14 now and $15/hr coming this summer. I got rid of dine-in after Covid so servers are a non-issue. Look on the bright side everyone in your state will be in the same boat…

The tip elimination will likely be a big deal for many business ( not us we don’t pay a tipped minimum) but like december, regardless of what the minimum wage has been, real minimum wage is more like $12-13 an hour in Michigan already. We have been starting people at $14 an hour for the last couple of years. Regardless I actually hope they intervene on this for my own selfish reasons, I don’t want everyone else to pay what I pay. It has been much easier for me to hire and retain employees when I am one of the best paying teenager jobs in town. I don’t want to lose that advantage and not sure I can handle bumping hiring wage to $16

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I was listening to an interview yesterday from the MRLA Justin stated that a huge % of restaurants will close because of this issue. That is not good to hear. I pay my employees (family) well + they all split cc tips so all in all my employees make $25 an hour. I was eating breakfast out yesterday and was talking to my husband about this and a waitress over heard my conversation and she told me if it passes she will quit and look for another job because she depends on tips, i thought well if your pay is going to increase to $9 something an hour in February and still get tips, it seems to me her pay will increase so why quit?? Am I missing something here :confused:

She is probably just dumb

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Florida is $11 now goes up $1 every year September 30 until its $15, but I mean there’s no point in the min wage anyway, even McDonalds is now starting at $15 around here… Servers are $7.98 now but goes up $1 every year too…in season they make can more than me. I don’t know why my non tipped staff even stays sometimes, probably because we only open 4pm-9pm nowadays… and most are always high.

Minimum in Georgia is $7.25 as well but doesn’t matter. We don’t have any position I can hire less than $13. That’s dish and host. Kitchen starts at $15 and up just to get someone in the door.