Microwave Pizza Idea

My crew came up with an idea that we have been trying so I thought I would share it with you guys and see what you guys think.

It is a well known fact that there are pizzas ordered that are never picked up, Or that are made wrong due to one reason or another. My crew came up with the idea that if the pizza did not sit around too long that we could chill the pizza to food safety levels to where they are acceptable. People love cold pizza, we sell these pies for a drastically reduced price usually just enough to cover the cost of the materials of the pizza. Usually like $4-5 depending on the toppings. I have all kinds of people that are calling in for these pizzas to see what we have sitting around. The longest we have hada pie sit in the refridgerator is 2 days. People understand that they are scrap pies but they love pizza and are looking for a way to make the treat more affordable in these difficult economic times. This has helped my shop recover some of the food costs of waste.

Just thought I would pass on the idea to you guys. We advertise the pizzas in our shop. Lot of times people take one with them when they come in for a pie. So they eat and then take one with them. Could make it so that they have to order a new fresh pizza and give the discount on the scrap pie. Thoughts?


I really don’t think that advertising and having guests pay for “scraps” would be good for the perception of your food or business… If there are that many “mistakes” or non-pick-ups, then maybe it’s time to evaluate what is causing that to happen.

If you do end up with a lot of scrap pies, I think donation to a homeless shelter or some other charitable cause would be better than selling them. Yes, I understand that you probably won’t get a lot of repeat business from the homeless shelters, but karma can’t hurt! :slight_smile:

Just my thoughts…

My “two”…years ago in my automotive parts store we would put the mis-mixed paints on a display rack and sell them off for around 50% of their normal prices. It became evident that this was a mistake when we started getting folks claiming we mixed something wrong, or it mis-matched beyond repair or a dozen other reasons…and then would send someone in to pick up that same paint later that day.

We also got folks that would want their money back when they “didn’t like the color” or one of a million other excuses even though this section was clearly marked “as is”.

My point…if you’re making that many mistakes or you really are seeing that many no-shows then some staff training might need to be the first thing on your plate and not what to do with the mistakes.

I’m more in line with Kona here, if you feel you need to do anything besides toss these way-ward pies, drop them off at a hotel desk, a shelter, an ER intake desk…somewhere they’ll be appreciated, and you won’t be taken advantage of in the long run.

in my wildest dreams I would not do that. luckly we are next door to the police station and 100 from the firestation so any mess up
goes to those guys

I am with RockStar on this one. Any orpans go to the emergengy response type people (firefighters. paramedics, police etc.) because I want them to know who I am and where my store is. Plus they do a good job.

A bonus for me is they like the pizza and usually order from me when they have the need to feed the crew on extended calls.

Years ago at Dominos we just went to the nearby university and sold them for $5 a piece. Took less than 5 minutes to go there, sell it to someone walking around, and get back to the store. :lol:

I have to agree with everyone else too. Bad idea to sell these scrapped pizzas. And it does sound like you have too many scrapped pizzas at your shop. You shouldn’t be making so many mistakes that you have to cover your losses by trying to sell them off for cheap.

I like the idea of dropping them off to a local hotel front desk or police or fire department. We don’t currently do that at our shop. But it is a good idea for sure.

We simply eat the mistakes. We don’t really ever just make a pizza for the employees so it is a treat I guess for everyone when a mistake is made. The employees work hard and I think they deserve some free food every once in a while.

By the way, do any of you guys make a pizza for the staff on a regular basis or not really?

You’ve got to be careful with that, because employees can start making mistakes on purpose if they know they’re going to get the pizza to eat. We probably average about two mistakes per week, maybe less, and we usually send them home with a customer as a freebie.

No, we don’t make “staff pizzas” on a regular basis. When my guys have a kick a$$ night we bonus them with cash - which I think they prefer over pizza.

Yeah I would say we average about two mistakes a week as well. We mess up way more than that of course. But the key is catching the mistakes before they are put in the oven. We do a pretty good job of that.