Microworks VS. Speedline

I am currently looking at Microworks and Speeline for my POS solution. Does anyone have feedback on these two systems? If so, pros and cons would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

I use Microworks Prism and had Speedline on my shortlist of programs. I was looking at Prism because it was used in some of our other stores and I was looking at Speedline as it was highly recommended from a close friend that has stores in another market. Unfortunately for Speedline, their salesman gave me some bad info at Pizza Expo which made me think the system would be too clumsy for me to use. I have since learned that this sales rep just didn’t know the answer and the system could easily do what I was asking about.

As far as Prism, I have found it easy to use and VERY stable. In two and a half years I have not had it go down once. I’ve had an occasional problem with the label printer, but no other issues. I added online ordering at the beginning of the year and am approaching 10% of my sales coming in through it. All in all, nothing but good to say about Prism. My sales have grown since I installed it and my busiest days are 40% higher than they were before Prism.