I have talking with Microworks about a new POS for my busy Pizza Shoppe and I like that they’ve been in business for a lot longer than most. Does anyone have some feedback about having used their system?

Have a look in the POS forum and you will find plenty of comments. I have used them in my store for 17 years and have been working with the same guy for all those years (Michael Anthony). Without repeating the various comments I have made elsewhere on the forum that you can find, I love them. We have a 6 station system (manager, 3 order stations, make-line, drivers) with fully on-board CC processing, on-line ordering, menu based food cost and inventory control, employee clock-in and reporting, quickbooks integration, security camera integration… etc etc. Reports are excellent, menu flexibility is excellent, crew is able to train and use very quickly and support is beyond outstanding. Among our various vendors and suppliers of goods and services Microworks is the ONLY one I would give an unreserved recommendation.

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