Middleby finger configuration

I have a middleby ps 540 doublestack.

Temp set to 465 for 6:05

I am having an issue with the cheese on a plain pie being a little overcooked for my liking. I have changed cheeses trying to fix the problem. I am happy with my cheese taste, but still think it darkens too much. I pulled the fingers to try to adjust, but i believe these are not able to be adjusted without buying new parts. I have tried calling middleby but just get pushed off to a restaurant service company in my area that i have had terrible experiences with. Right now my top configuration is–finger, spacer, finger, spacer. I am not sure if the fingers have certain labels to them but mine have four holes in a diagonal direction along the entire piece. I guess i am looking for some tips or contacts to help try different fingers. I purchased these ovens new and a service rep never came to discuss these things with us. A company from the area just came to do the install and that was about it.
If any other info is needed let me know, but any help would be great. I have messed with the times and temps dozens of times, and i am pleased with my crust so i do not want to mess that up too much. Thanks again.

I assume your happy with the other pies - its just the plain cheese thats a little overcooked? I’ve siimilar with my MM cooks every other ‘topped’ pizza fine but with no toppings on the plain cheese can sometimes come out a little over done. If this is the case then push the pie into the oven a little further and make sure the oven tender checks and pulls it out a little earlier. We normally put these pies half in half out and get the oven tender to pull it out when half the pie it stick out the other end rather than the whole pie.

I’ve got older 360 - 460 temp 640 cook time…

I run “lightning” fingers (they drop down further) at the entrance, then spacers, and another @ the end…I prefer the extra heat/air to hit the bottoms…

My cheese is from R.Depot & is a blend of Mozz & Prov - we like the few dark spots this config returns…

I do like the way the other pizzas are coming out. I have tried pushing the pizzas in further or pull them out earlier, but I would like to have a better fix a solution for employees and when the oven is full. Does anyone have a good contact at Middleby to talk to about the fingers. Until then I guess I will keep playing with the temps. Thanks for the responses.

Hi Ontheway;

Back in the days when Middleby was building their reputation they had factory reps and dealers thru out the nation. Back then if a customer had a problem those folks would help to solve it.

You can determine if having less air distribution holes in a finger will help. Get some heavy duty aluminum foil and fold it into strips to block one two or three rows of holes remove the finger and place the foil inside the finger blocking the holes.

When you determine the best arrangement it would be best to go to a sheet metal fabricator and have a metal insert made to replace the aluminum foil.

George Mills