Middleby gas ps 200 Ovens

Anybody currently using these ovens. I have lincoln 1000’s and looking at some midleby’s for a second store. Are they comparable ?

The Middleby PS 200 is about as close to the Lincoln as you can get. Most of the major chains found the Lincolns a bit better than the Middleby but as Lincoln ovens stop at a 40 in bake chamber they cannot produce enough pizza during the prime evening hours to satisfy the requirements of major operators.

Example a Lincoln doing 16 in pizzas at a 6 minute bake could, if pizzas were loaded for an hour with no space between pies, bake about 50 per deck. Where as using say an XLT 3270 same time and temp you could produce 87 pies per deck per hour.

A shorter bake time would naturaly produce more pizzas.

I would agree with George that the Lincoln 1000’s cook a bit better than the Middleby 200’s. But George, as you plug your product, the XLT’s, don’t forget that Lincoln also produces a 62 inch and 70 inch X-2 model. A 40 inch cook chamber is not the largest oven produced by Lincoln.

pimetime writes:

Anybody currently using these ovens. I have lincoln 1000’s and looking at some midleby’s for a second store. Are they comparable ?

I’ve got double stack MM-PS220’s in my store. I wouldn’t recommend them. Reasons:

  1. They’re old and aren’t even manufactured anymore.
  2. They leak hot air and aren’t fuel efficient.
  3. The baking chamber usually has cold spots closer to the window so you don’t have the availability of the entire 20" belt.
  4. The conveyor motors and thermostats historically have problems.
  5. They’re too bulky. MM-PS220’s are about 6" thinner than Lincoln 1000’s and have half the oven capacity.

I grew up on Middleby’s and swore by them. However, after seeing the Lincoln Impingers in action, I don’t think I’ll ever buy a Middleby again. It’s just my opinion so take it for what it’s worth.

George, I’m still going to swing by one of these days and take a look at your operation as soon as I get some time. I’ve kinda been taking my own advice with all this advertising talk and now I’m getting my butt kicked on a daily basis, but I’ll be there sooner or later to see what these ovens are all about. -J_r0kk

Yes Lincoln makes a larger oven but it does not operate the same as the lincolns that have been produced for years. It is a rehash of the old E-Flow oven. I do not know of any major chain that has adopted that oven.

The original Lincoln has an excellent operating system but as I stated the original style is, up to now,only available with the 40 in bake chamber

I have worked with both middleby marshall and lincoln. While my lincoln 1000 is small and can’t keep up during a busy peak, it cooks better than a middleby marshall and is WAY easier to clean and maintain. Lincoln makes bigger ovens. Go with Lincoln! they are better.

I have not had the opportunity to stress test,(put 100 pizzas through in 1 hour), on the Lincoln version of the old E flow ovens which are larger.
The system in those ovens is radically different than that in the 1000 and other Lincoln ovens.


I’m using an X-2 and used to have an Eflow that I purchased new in 1997. The X-2 is definatly a marked improvement over the Eflow in the consistancy when the oven is packed. We put it through quite a workout and have always been impressed. The other stores in our company all use either MM360’s or 570’s and none perform as well as the X-2. I will take delivery of a new XLT to put on top of the X-2 in the first week of Febuary. I’ll post my thoughts of the comparison as soon as I get some good use out of it.

Thanks for the info on the X ovens.