Middleby Marshal ps360 finger config

Hi, I am kinda new to the whole pizza thing and I have a question. I bought a used mm ps360 oven. For the life of me I can’t get the bottom nice and brown before the cheese gets burnt. I have read online that maybe I should change my finger configuration, but I don’t know how and the local equipment service company is a joke. Is this something I could change myself? I basically don’t want the hot air blasting down on the top of the pie(which it currently does in the direct center of the oven) I know this is a really noob question but any help would be appreciated.

On the ends there are thumbscrews that when removed will give you access to the top fingers. You can slide them out and block them off. If you dont want to buy block off plates you can test it out by wrapping the fingers with tinfoil as a temporary fix. Start closing a finger off at a time until you get where you want to be.

You might also have what are called “Lightning” fingers…designed to drop down a bit closer than normal…I took all mine out & use 3 across the top & put an extra one on the bottom…

Increase your bake time to 8.30 minutes & lower temps to 460/470 or so

Hi grottolee
go to this site and down load a ps360 operators manual.
http://www.middleby.com/service_2000/te … 3-b3-1.pdf

It will show you how to remove the fingers.
It will also show you how to open up the fingers so you can place aluminum foil inside rather than on the outside.

If you put foil on the out side some might get drawn into the blowers and cause major problems.

George Mills