Middleby Marshal ps360wb conveyor problem????

Ok, I have a Middleby Marshal ps360wb. The gear on the conveyor motor went bad on me. I bought a grochopp pm8014-ra3080t actually 2 of them. They are listed as compatible but when I hook it up and turn it on it is running at about a 1 minute oven cycle ie flying like a banshee. I have the original gear from the belator motor installed on it. Is this speed sensor not compatible with the oven? Or do I have to change the speed control module in some way? or Replace it?

You mean Baldor motor? The motor you removed had a 1400:1 gear reduction, the one you replaced it with has a 80:1.

If the gear broke, why replace the entire motor?

This explains the different motors:


Excellent reply above

Ok so it does need a new speed sensor, thank you for the link. And as far as the gear box the casement on the box broke not the brass gear. It looks like there was JB weld on it so I am guessing in a past life moving it or installing they dropped the motor. The oven was in the restaurant we I took over the lease so I have no repair records.