middleby marshall 250

I have one of the older 250 MM, I have 2 questions

  1. can I remove the casters and sit directly on the ground?
  2. is the conveyor reversible? if so how do I do that?

yes…reverse the wires on the conveyor motor.

Hi Rockstar:

Yes you can remove the casters. The Health Department will require that you silicone around the base to seal it to the floor.

In addition to changing it wires you need to reverse the conveyor belt so it is pulling in the correct direction.

George Mills


George is correct, you will need to silicone along the bottom of the base of the oven to prevent insects from bedding below your oven(as per the health department regulations).

The conveyor drive is powered by a DC motor. More than likely you will have a “molded” plug coming from the drive motor plugging into a receptacle in the back or side of the oven.

Quoted from the 1982 Owners operating manual

"The conveyor belt can operate in either direction. Unless the order calls for a counterclockwise conveyor rotation the machines are always shipped from the factory with the belt operating in the clockwise direction. When it is necessary to reverse the direction of the conveyor belt travel, reverse the black and red wires on the back of the female plug.

Disconnect, remove, and turn the hooks of the belt are pointing opposite the belt direction of travel."

Reference to the belt hooks; basically it means the open end should be pointing away from the travel direction. You don’t want the belt “snagging” on something to “tear” or damage the belt.

You could just spin the oven around 180 degrees! :smiley:

and how would I turn it on or use the door opening?

Cut a hole in the wall for easy access?

Apparently, the humor genome in my family is severely lacking a few twists and protiens. Please forgive my failing sir.