Middleby Marshall 350 "failsafe" Error?

I had to replace a dead blower motor yesterday morning and now my oven is warming up very slowly and giving me a “failsafe” error (electronic controls). I assume it has something to do with the blower motor situation, but how do I clear out the error?

My manual only talks about the original controls and I can’t find anything online.

I don’t know how to reset the error code. My question is, which blower motor did you replace? Was it the burner/blower motor or one of the bigger blower motors that blow hot air through the fingers? The two blower motors that blow the hot air rotate in different directions. We once had a teck replace on motor with the wrong rotating motor. It totally screwed up the bake. Just a thought.

I’m only aware of the 2 blower motors under the openings. We’ve already closed and I’m home with my kids tonight, so I can’t look at it right now, but that sounds like it could be a possible problem. It never reached it’s operating temp today, was about 60 cooler than what it’s supposed to be.

Hi Indie:

Its been several years that we quit rebuilding MM 360 ovens But I think the blower motors that blow the heat out through the fingers all run the same way but the fan blades are marked right and left. Best check with your local Middleby service company.

George Mills