Middleby Marshall 360 belt just stop running

Just got a call from the store, the bottom oven just stopped running and we have a big party of 60 coming in about one hour. Sure could use the bottom oven. Any trouble shooting advice? Heat works, the belt just stopped. No noise, smells.

Thanks in advance for any help

Chain could have fallen off? speed controler burned out. fuse blown etc

Thanks. Checking the belt now.

the only time my mm360s belt stopped working it was the speed controller and they are about 200 bucks

Not 100% sure what the problem is but the chain is fine but it seems like some kind of bar that broke in half. Won’t know for sure till I head in tomorrow. Sure I won’t be able to get it fixed till MOnday

Oh yea mine did that too i forgot about a year ago

The bronze bushings wore out and the drive shaft ground it self down until it split into 2 peices. That is kinda rare but it does happen

I think it cost me about 200 bucks for a new shaft and 3-4 days in shipping if the same thing broke on yours as mine did

That’s what it sounds like as described by my night guy. Did you replace it your self? I’ve done the chain and motor so I’m hopeing I can do this. Thanks for all your help and I hope business is going well for you. Have a great weekend or what’s left of it.

I replaced it my self how ever i am a mechanic also and i can fix or build just about anything. however its not that hard.

If i remeber correctly you can order the end of it i think and it slides inside the shaft so you just need to order the end peice which is like 4 inches long. This was 3 years ago so im a little fuzzy on it, but what happens is the bronze metal bushings wear out and then the drive shaft grinds on the conveyor frame its self and over time grinds all the way threw the long shaft that hold the spur gears for the belt it self. You have to take the entire conveyor out and take all 6 or 8 sprockets off i think to replace that end peice. But like i said it was a long long time ago and i could be mistaken about a little bit of it, i think i fixed it in about an hour or so

If i remember correct when i first looked at it i thought i needed the entire 36" long shaft but if you look close the end slides out or comes apart and you just slide the new on inside it i had a picture some where but cant find it

In 13 years we have had those bushings wear out 2 times leading to a break. The first time it happened I ordered two of the parts so the next time it happened that oven was down for a couple of hours. We also re-ordered the part then and there.

When we ran electric Lincoln impingers at our second location, I used to stock spare heating elements for the same reason. It seems to be a part you need once in a while. No big deal if you have the part.

The part is about $20, and you don’t have to remove the entire conveyor or anything near it.

All you need is a set of allen wrenches. On the now sprocketless side of the drive shaft, spin the belt until you can see the allen bolt on the collar - loosen that and one side of the broket adapter shaft will slide right out. Now, on the broken piece with the gear on it, same thing - except you might have some trouble getting the broken adapter shaft out. If you have a press, you might need to press it out. Otherwise, rig up something where you can beat it out with an old screwdriver or something.

Attach the gear to the new shaft - put new bushings in - and put that assembly into the drive shaft and tighten. Lift up the whole belt assembly and push it into the oven a little so you can put the chain back on - the pull it back out where the little tabs end up outside the oven cavity.

The whole thing will take you maybe 30 minutes the first time, and 10 minutes thereafter.

You can get the adapter shaft and bushings here:

http://www.cyb-tec.com/products.htm#Middleby parts

OP- sorry for the mis information

i was going off memory from like 3 years back. Sounds like the other poster knows a little more than i do

“The part is about $20”

Order two of them. Keep the spare in the tool box. These things happen. Hate to have one go down Thursday night and be without an oven until Monday afternoon for lack of a $20 part that we know fails from time to time.