Middleby Marshall finger profile

I recently purchased a set of MM360s and along the move to my location, the fingers where taken out of the ovens and now i’m trying very hard how to place them back.

I know they were set up with 3 fingers of the 3 hole variety on top and 5 fingers with 6 holes in the bottom. What i dont know is where the full and half plates go.

Can someone please let me know where i get the original middleby setup. I would really appreciate any input and or guidance with this matter.


Hi [SIZE=5]airruiz[/SIZE]

The finger arrangement is usually unique to the product being baked.

In vertually all instanced the lower fingers are full open an all across the oven. the upper arangement should be set up to give the best top bake for your product. That has to be done by expermenting with various finger arrangements. I suggest you start with one finger at each end and th third centered then adjust the center finger to get your best top bake.

George Mills

I will be baking only 18’’ New York style pies. I will take your advice and start with that setup. I just wanted to know if there was a standard set up that middleby marshall may have publicized somewhere. I know for example that the 360Q (dominoes ovens) have their profile set up on a decal in the back of their ovens. So to make sure that everything was working properly and that i didn’t set up anything incorrectly, I was hoping that there was some type of default set up.

Thank you,

Hi Albert,
I got in touch with Middleby and they said there are indeed some online manuals. They would like to know where you’re located!

Thanks Missy,
I actually downloaded several manuals. The funny thing noted on the finger profile section is “note where the fingers were located when removing them”. So basically they dont give you a default set up. Im in South Florida.

Hahaha. Nice advice! So did you get it all worked out?

Middleby sent me this image. Does it help?

Good work Missy! Just looked in mine and thats what it looks like.

Awesome!!! Thats exactly what i need!
Thank you so much!!!