Middleby Marshall is so LOUD!

I’ve owned my pizza shop for 18 months now and I’m wondering if their is a way to quite down my oven. It is excruciatingly loud! It’s hard to hear customers, take orders ect. I’ve worked at stores in the past where the oven was virtually silent. Is it my how my oven hood is set up? Any help is appreciated, thanks!

Hi superiorpizza

Shut the hood down and run the oven without it to determine the worst source of sounds.

A poorly designed ventilation system can create a lot of noise. How many CFM is your hood exhausting.
Do you have a make up air system? That will add to the sound level shut it and any air conditioning down for the test . All of those add to the perceived oven sound level.

Withe the ovens running check for blower belt noise. some belt silicone can cut that down. Also there are bearings in that model that need regular lubrication or they become noisy.

George Mills

The PS500 series is known for being loud.

There are a couple of things you can do to quiet the oven:

check the pillow block bearings.
If they have grease coming out of the seals; bad
check the drive belts
Should be aligned with both pulleys
No indication of being worn

If at this point everything checks out, you can:

change the pulley size
change the belt size

This of course will increase the cook time, but the trade-off could be worth it.

Middleby Marshall has had problems with noise and have “quieted” the problem by reducing RPM’s to the blowers.

If you need more information on parts and technical feel free to contact me. We process about 50 - 100 ovens a month through our plant and deal with the PS500’s daily.

Good Luck!

Worked in a store with that oven. The bearings were bad on both ovens - VERY LOUD! That is probably what you are experiencing in this case. They are on the back of the oven near your wall inside of the 4 big boxes.

Also, I can’t tell if you have white filters on your cooling fans on the front of your oven there, but ours were black and they looked like yours when they had a lot of dust and flour on them. The plastic covers clip off and the filters just need to be rinsed off. These fans cool off your electronics inside of that long front cover, don’t want those to get too hot!