middleby marshall pizza oven

does anyone know if the middleby marshall ps220fs can be converted from 3 phase to single phase?

Hi Redbarn:

Anything can be accomplished if you are willing to spend enough money. The cost to make the conversion would probably be more that the oven is worth.

But there is an impediment. The reason the MM ovens are 220 V is that the motors and other electrical components are in such a hot environment that 110 v components would not hold up.

George Mills

Maybe your answer is a step up/down transformer inline at the plug-in. I am looking into one for a different application, and found some at http://www.voltage-converter-transforme … index.html

The wattage rating you’re looking at is probably pretty high, so a bigger unit would be in order, if it is at all an option.

call greg at ams enteprises in knoxville tn. thats all they work on is lincolns and middleby ovens they will know they switched my lincolns to single but there just 1132s and you can get them in single.hope this helps there number is 865-524-2087

anyone needing ovens or mixers these guys do great work and there reman process is quite impressive.