Middleby Marshall ps670

I’ve been trying to look up the middleby marshall ps670 and all i can seem to find are articles on Dominos and Papa Johns making bids on them…

Are they even selling these to the public yet? I want a price! :shock:

I believe these are part of their WOW series ovens which you can get more info here: http://www.middleby.com/midmarsh/wow/default.htm

I believe a doublestack sells for close to 60K. If you’re really interested call Middleby directly or call Northern Pizza Equipment.

Yes, they are selling them to the general public now. I have a double stack of them just waiting to be installed as soon as my building gets a bit more completed. I would be happy to let you know what I think of them after they are up and running. Looking back I really wish I had flown out there to try them out before purchasing, but from what I have heard they (even from Tom Lehmann) really cook a great pie.

PIZZAMAGOO, the double stack is what I was looking at… may I ask what it ran you $$? and did you buy straight from MM or through a supplier?


I paid just shy of 50k for mine, and I got them direct from MM. My situation was a bit weird as I bought my ovens as 570’s about three years ago, but did not take delivery on them until a couple months ago. MM held them for me as I was still in the planning stages of my building and by the time I was ready for them the 670 was available so I upgraded to the 670 wow ovens. I can’t wait to use the darn things though, but I just keep having trouble with contractors and getting my building done!!! Hopefully in the next 3 or 4 months though. I have nothing but good to say about MM so far though as they really worked with me. When mine get up and running I will share my feelings on the 670’s with you, and you are of course welcome to come on down and use them yourself. I will be fine tuning my formulation as soon as they are installed so I am sure that will at least a few weeks before we are open so the kitchen will be way under utilized for a while.

Hey All,
Just wondering where you have your settings to get through the busy times. I’m not open yet but I’ve been practicing at 400 degrees at 6 minute runs. Anyone have faster results with a nice finished product?

i think i recall some of the articles i read about the 670 that they set it at 500F and it runs 4:30
but every pie is diffrent so every oven has to be adjusted to your specific needs… try the 500 for 4:30 and let us know what happens! :?: