Middleby Marshall vs. Lincoln ovens

I am looking to switch from Blogget deck ovens to a conveyor oven. Any opinions on which is better, more reliable… I bought my existing shop in Nov. 2005 and business has been great. Looking to offer delivery to grow business.

i have both and would rate them equally

I used both of them and I like Lincoln ovens better because it cooks crispier than Middleby ovens. Also it is easer to clean, less pricey. You can find yourself a good from ebay but got to be careful…

They’re both great ovens. Both are built with the same patent technology. The only real difference is in the size of the oven cavity. The Lincolns are a little smaller than the Middlebys. I think anything up to 40-inches in body size is Lincoln and anything larger is Middleby. I recently heard that there was a possibility that Middleby might be buying Lincoln. Just make sure the ovens are profiled for YOUR pizzas. There are literally hundreds of profiles that any of these ovens can be equipped with so make sure you get one that will bake Your pizza. Just because it came out of another pizzeria doesn’t mean it will do a good job of baking your pizzas too. If you are buying new, this is not a problem as they will set the ovens up for you, but if buying used, be aware that you might need to make some changes to the finger configuration.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Actually, Lincoln is more than the 1000 or 1450 oven that they used to be. The time of the 40 inch cook chamber or 18 inch belt passed with Lincoln purchasing Eflow. I use a Lincoln X-2 with two 32 X 70 inch belts and I love it. I also have a Middleby 570 and will use the X-2 any day over the Middleby!!!

What do you like with about the Lincoln over the MM?