Middleby Marshall vs. Lincoln Pizza Ovens

I’ve used a single deck middleby ps360 for years and it’s always worked out great. But I’ve outgrown it.

I found a great deal on a double stack Lincoln.

Does anyone have experience with either of these ovens?


Which Lincolns?

Which pizza place do you have in Bloomington? ISU Alum!

Flingers Pizza Pub. Est. 2003. Downtown Bloomington was or old location.

I’m checking on the lincoln model…owner is out of town for the weekend, so I will follow up when I find out.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Flingers! Cheese Bomb! Used to live two blocks from your first location. Came in a lot and told everyone about it, was a big fan! Small world, why’d you close that location and where are you now? I worked at Chicago Style Pizzeria as a driver/cook from 2003-2005 during college and my experience there inspired me to do my own place someday and here I am living the dream!

It came time for our lease to renew and the landlord and I didn’t see eye to eye.

I bought a building near the corner of Veterans and Vernon…doing a build out. Should reopen in a few months.

What city are you in? What’s the name of your place?

Hi Pat
Depends on what model Lincoln and how much production you seek to achieve.
Answer the above and you will get the info you need.
George Mills

Nice! Good for you my man, will be nice to be your own landlord! I’m in San Francisco and it’s called Grinders Pizzeria. Opened nearly 7 months ago and kickin ass!



I just liked the Grinders Facebook page…looking forward to seeing your business grow. Best of luck, Joe! Let me know if you’re ever back in the B/N area.

You couldn’t give me a lincoln oven, i am just not a fan of them at all, i started with a lincoln and now with MM. My major problem with them was that they were to small, and the capacitors seem to over heat and shut down randomly and blower motors seem to go out more them MM

Even the newer lincolns are not as good as the MM PS360 work horse. The only ovens i would even consider replacing PS360 with are Edge60 ovens

Edge 60 is the best .
George Mills