Middleby ovens for quick sale

One of the stores in our franchise group is putting in new Edge Ovens on Tuesday and is looking to sell their doublestack of Middleby 350’s. Both ovens are working great and will be in use till Tuesday night. If you are in the market for a doublestack of working ovens, it’s hard to beat the price. Asking $4500 or best offer. Come see them in operation. Located in Jacksonville, Florida.



Hi Paul.

If you will give me a contact phone number I will have a prospective buyer call.

George Mills


Is anyone, anywhere buying Blodgett 3270’s? I have 8 of them I’ve been sitting on for a year now and I’m starting to wonder if I should just take them to the scrap yard to at least recoup the value of the steel.

Hi Brad :

What are you looking to get for your ovens?

I will see if i can Place them.

George Mills

Here is the thread in the classifieds with a pic while we were disassembling: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=10648

We were asking $3k/each or $7,500 for a triple stack. Now we’d be ecstatic to get to get $2,000/each and if someone wanted all 8 we’d really price them to move.

This stack of ovens was sold yesterday but another store is replacing their Middleby 360 Q’s so I will get you the info when the owner gets it to me. Thanks