Middleby Problem

In my satellite store I have a old Middleby oven. Ps314. This weekend it starting acting up. It will run fine for about an hour. Then the burner will shut off and cool down for 5 min. The time is important. The temp is not. We changed the temp around thinking that it needed to get down to a set temp then would reheat. That was not the case. Seemed the time was more important. However at 5 min cooling and getting down to around 330-370 depending on initial set temp the oven will kick back on. Anyone have any ideas.

We are a ways away from middleby service center.

Are the two cooling fans behind the oven clean and spinning freely?

Possibly as indicated above the oven is being shut down by the heat high limit switch.

Could be the switch is bad or oven getting to hot.

George Mills